Matthew Power                   Story Archive 2000-2014



Ghosts of Wounded Knee (.pdf)

Portfolio with photographs by Aaron Huey

December 2009  

Mississippi Drift: River vagrants in the age of Wal-Mart (.pdf)

March 2008   

*in Best American Travel Writing 2009

*in Best American Nonrequired Reading 2009                                                



The Magic Mountain: Trickle-Down Economics in a Philippine Garbage Dump (.pdf)

December 2006             

*nominated for a Livingston Award

*in Best American Travel Writing 2007


The Lost Buddhas of Bamiyan: Picking up the pieces in Afghanistan (.pdf)

March 2005                       

*nominated for a Livingston Award

*in Best American Spiritual Writing 2006


The Poison Stream: Sacrificing India’s poor on the altar of modernity (.pdf)

August 2004                      

*nominated for a Livingston Award

  1. *“Other Notable Science and Nature Writing”

    in Best American Science and Nature Writing 2005

There Will Be Blood

December 2011

Lost In The Amazon

June 2009     

*included in Best American Travel Writing 2010

The Killing Peak

November 2008

The Cult of Chris McCandless (.pdf)

September 2007

Ghosts on Mt. Kenya

September 2007

Andes: Full Throttle (.pdf)                              Photo Gallery

December / January 2006/2007

Exploring the New Nicaragua (.pdf) 

September 2006

Astride the Dragon's Back

Trekking foot-first along a remote stretch of China's Great Wall

October 2005

Diary of a Tsunami Volunteer

April 2005

Lost Highway of the Himalayas (.pdf)          Photo Gallery

December 2004 / January 2005

The Solution: Bolivia’s Lithium Dreams

Fall 2010     

Charlie Don’t Surf            full text .pdf

Spring 2008      

*“Other Notable Travel Writing,”  Best American Travel Writing 2009


One More Martyr in a Dirty War  

Oaxaca Sketchbook by Peter Kuper

Summer 2007